Continuous Operation Management

    • ICHIA has adopted plans regarding continuous operation management in order to find out the crisis that enterprise might encounter, establishing the corresponding strain and recovery process, operation mechanism and redundant resources. We set up an emergency response team, responsible for dealing with relevant affairs so that ensure the company can quickly deal with the accidents and reduce the damage, to ensure the safety of personnel and property and continuous management of the company.

Risk Assessment

    • To create high quality enterprise environment, strengthen the competitiveness of the company and achieve enterprise sustainable survival, company use risk management into our daily operation and decision-making operation to build and maintain effective risk management system and continuous improvement. Prevent and reduce the influence of various changes and the status of the emergency so as to turn the crisis into opportunity.

Occupational Health Surveillance

    • To make sure employees could work healthy, have a safe working environment and prevent the occupational disease. Our factory work environment is monitored by a qualified entrust company each year.

Employee Physical Xxamination

    • ICHIA is concern on employee health, provide free occupational disease medical checkup for employees.

Related Certificates and Honors

    • Since 2004 the company through a third party audit passed OHSAS18001. In 2014 we had passed level 3 safety standardization reviews.






ICHIA(ZS)OHSAS 18001:2007


ICHIA(ZS)Production safety level 3 standard certificate


ICHIA((ZS))Contingency plans for the record to prove (safety)