Prohibiting the Use of Child Labors

    • We are strictly following local laws and will not recruit or hire child labor.
    • We formulate the safeguard procedures for underage labor in law.

No Forced Labor

    • We publicize work rules that comply with the edict.
    • Employees sign the labor contract freely and also have copy in hand.

Healthy and Safe Environment

    • We are committed to provide a healthy and safe d working environment to staffs, forbid the intimidation, violence or physical threats.
    • Staff should abide by the rules and practices of safety and health, and should report to their director immediately regarding any accidents, injuries and unsafe equipment, practices and condition.

Forbidding Discrimination

    • We formulate HR management measures to prevent staff away from suffering harassment and unlawful discrimination.
    • All employees have an equal opportunity, regardless of race, gender, age, politics and religion.

Setting up Communication Mechanism

    • We encourage the communication and participation openly and directly between employees and management.
    • We will collect opinion of company employees to further improve company operation.

Perfection of Wages and Benefits

    • Wages shall comply with all applicable wage laws, include: the minimum wage, overtime pay and mandatory benefits.
    • We send salary notice to employee instantly in a confidential way.

Developing Employee Competency

    • We treasure talent development, provide the learning and working environment for staff growth, support and encourage learning lifelong.
    • Building management platform to discover talents, develop staff potential, inspire staff enthusiasm and retain the key talent to achieve company goals and enhance the competitiveness of the organization.