Water Pollution Governance

    • ICHIA is in accordance with the principle of "decontamination triage, rain sewage diversion, monohydrate is multi-purpose" , make all wastewater discharging in standard, equipped with wastewater treatment facilities, heavy metal ion emission up to the national level standards. Online monitoring system is on wastewater exit and monitoring wastewater related data in real-time.
      ICHIA (Suzhou) had added water reuse system in 2010, used in recycling the wastewater of production line, and use again after processed into soft water or pure water. And part of waste water had proceed then back into the SND sewage pipe. The water reuse system has played a big part in saving water and about 500,000 tons of fresh water can be saved each year. For this ICHIA had received award from local government.


ICHIA(LinKou) Wastewater pre-treatment facilities


ICHIA(Suzhou) Wastewater treatment facilities


ICHIA(Suzhou) Water reuse facilities


ICHIA(Suzhou) Water- saving enterprise recognition


ICHIA(Suzhou) Reduction of pollutant recognition


ICHIA(Suzhou) Reduction of pollutant recognition

Industrial Gas Abatement

  • According to different process, ICHIA had formulated types of waste gas treatment scheme, such as acid alkaline washing, activated carbon adsorption, bag dust removal and so on, entrust inspection regularly, all dust emission are in compliance with legal standard.


ICHIA(LinKou) Air pollution control equipment


ICHIA(Suzhou) Acid domain waste treatment facilities


ICHIA(Suzhou) Organic waste treatment facilities

Implementation of Paperless Office

  • Import BPM system that the documents and forms signed the paperless. Reduce the usage of paper notices, announcements, internal communication are all electronically. Encourage and advocate employees using second-hand paper as much as possible.

Green Lighting Improve Plan

  • All T8 energy-saving lamps are replaced by lower power consumption but luminous flux and color rendering, life and environmental protection are better.

The Rational Use of Transformer

  • In order to reduce the loss of the operation of the transformers, save the power of transformer operation. Using transformer reasonably, suspending the low load rate transformer.

Air Conditioning Cold Recycling System

  • When the outdoor temperature is lower than 12 ℃, we will close water host and open the cold recycling system that through the cooling tower to reduce the water temperature, and then through the cold heat recovery system, provide ice water to the workshop and related equipment to reduce the temperature.

Clean Production Verification

  • To examine our clean production performance and seek more capacity and opportunity in company' clean production, ICHIA had conducted the audit in 2013 and passed the acceptance test by local environmental protection agency in Apr.2014.