「Quality is first,Efficiency is priority」is the highest quality policy of our company, the purpose is keeping and increasing the market share and core enterprise.All member need to take responsibility for the quality duty and the extremely obey as below.

    • Fully we satisfied the demand and the expectation of the internal and the external customers.
    • Making things right at the first time, and pursue to zero defect.
    • Listening to every employee’s thoughts, and emphasize teamwork spirit.
    • Support and participate the training, explore yourself and career plan.
    • Comply with the request established in quality system and continuing improves validity.

Quality certification.


Ichia(Linkou) ISO9001:2008


Ichia(Suzhou)FPC Factory ISO9001:2008


Ichia(Suzhou)MVI Factory ISO9001:2008


Ichia(Zhong Shan) ISO9001:2008


Ichia(Suzhou)FPC Factory ISO/TS16949:2009


Ichia(Zhong Shan)MVI Factory ISO/TS16949:2009


Ichia(Suzhou)MVI Factory ISO/TS16949:2009


Continually improvement activity

By the continually improvement activity, we can reduce the defect rate of products、down the cost、provide the good products and win the customer’s trust. When the opportunities of after-sales service is down, we could strive for more good purchase orders. Then we can get more profits and achieve the company goal.

    • Proposals for improvement
      In order to urge every employee to provide their talents for improvement their work.
      When the proposal is adopted, the provider will be reward.
    • Quality Control Circle
      The members of the same unit or the near nature unit to organize spontaneity team to improve their work by QC method.
      Hold the public publication and sharing the success experience.
    • Quality Improvement Team
      The members come from different unit to organize a team to continue improve the process problem.
      The lesson learned made of the good project, and share to the others.

Reliability Testing