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Recruiting Process

You are required to go through following process before joining Ichia team.

  • Job Search→Please click on『Job Opening』See what openings your qualifications well match and submit the resume following the instruction.
  • Resume reviewing→We will notify the qualified candidates and arrange following interviews. If there is no positions well match for you, we will put your resume into our talent data base and will contact you once there is other position come out.
  • Procedure of Interview→
    (1)Before Interview, we will arrange different tests such as language skill test, logic test and computerized adaptive test (CAT) based on different positions, you will be required to submit related and necessary documents at this phase.
    (2)Candidates will be interviewing with 1 or 2 interviewers, you will understand more about the content of the position and Ichia Technologies Inc.
    (3)When the interview has come to an end, we will contact the qualified candidates to follow on the recruiting procedure through phone or emails. 
  • Official employment→Once the employment has been confirmed, Ichia will send out offer letter to the qualified candidate through mails.

Job Opening

See what openings your qualifications well matched.

Event Calendar

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