• ICHIA abide by the law and take the social responsibility of the enterprise in long run, and integrate principles of corporate citizenship into internal business strategy, which include the company policies, management procedures, personnel training and internal report, etc. In the meantime, we are committed to integrate corporate resources in order to achieve above mentioned principles, to improve and identify the core value of company and to cohere corporate culture continuously.

Corporate Social Responsibility

    • Ethical Corporate Management
      We observe "honesty & integrity" business philosophy and demand the highest standards of integrity in all business activities.
      We prohibit any form of corruption, bribery, extortion and the behavior of embezzlement.
      We abide by the fair trade, not to exaggerate the commitment and the faith of fair competition, also have protection measures of customer information.
    • Respecting Intellectual Property Rights
      We respect the intellectual property rights, transfer of the technology and special skills shall be protected as intellectual property rights in an appropriate manner.
    • Implementing Transparent Information
      We comply with applicable laws, regulations and industry practices that reveal the related business activities, organization structure, financial situation and performance of information to public.
    • Participating in Public Welfare and Caring about Underprivileged Minority
      We set up cultural, educational and charitable foundations, participate in public welfare activities to improve the life quality of underprivileged minority, such as educational, cultural, economic and social activities.
      We provide appropriate job opportunities to underprivileged minority and disabled persons.
    • Promoting Social Responsibility
      We are committed to integrate corporate social responsibility policy into the operating aspects fully.
      We are committed to implement the spirit of the corporate social responsibility policy to our supplier partners.

Environmental Safety Policies

    • Abiding the relevant laws and regulations on Environment, Health and Safety, and complying with the rules and requirement provided by government and customer regarding banned substances in connection with the delivered products.
    • Efforts to energy saving, industrial waste minimization, pollution prevention and control work and comprehensive risk assessment, in order to effectively reduce and control the safety and health risk to achieve the goal of continuous improvement.
    • Implement "7 s" management, improve the working environment and occupational health and safety to ensure employees' health and safety.
    • Execute cable training in order to enhance employees' consciousness and strain capacity of environmental protection, occupational safety and health.
    • Strengthen internal and external communication, maintain the good interactive relationship with government, customers, suppliers, environmental protection together, nearby residents and staff .

Environmental Management Committee Organization Structure

    • Promote energy conservation and carbon emissions reduction, environmental protection is an important task for the benefit of future generations. We deeply understand the importance of this task since the foundation of ICHIA and are always stick to our own social responsibility. In order to promote the task of environmental sustainability continuously, systematically and effectively, ICHIA had set up the environment management team especially responsible for planning, promoting and integrating the internal and external business in connection with environmental protection.